Monday, October 5, 2009

Horseback Riding Essentials For The Beginner

Horse back riding, like any other hobby or sport, has its own rules of etiquette which should be followed in order to fit in well and have an enjoyable and safe experience. While most seem like common sense they none the less should be followed at all times. Most of the time you will probably horseback ride in an outdoor arena or field, but in the case of inclement weather you will probably ride in an indoor arena. No matter where you ride there are certain rules you should follow:
Horseback Riding Etiquette:
• Horseback riders should always ride in the same direction; however, if this is not possible then they should ride left shoulder to left shoulder
• Slower riders should ride on the inside closer to the arena walls while the faster riders working on the outside (closer to the center of the arena)
• Always mount the horse before entering the arena, or in the center of the arena
• All horseback riders should be working on the same things; ie jumping, flat work et al
• Announce your intentions to the other horseback riders in the arena
• You should no lunge your horse when other riders are in the arena
• Commands should be given quietly and not interfere with the other riders
• Always follow posted rules for horseback riding in the arena
• Clean up any items you have used in the arena, as well as any manure which your horse may have deposited
Horseback Riding Safety:
• Keep one horse length between yourself and the next closest rider so as not to crowd other riders
• Do not smoke while horseback riding
• Keep your horse under control at all times
• Stay aware of your surroundings and everything going on around you
• If you are going to do something which creates loud noises be sure everyone is aware of it so you don’t startle another horse
• Do not ride alone; always have someone else present in case of an accident
• If a rider falls off their horse all other horseback riders should dismount until everything returns to normal
• In the case of emergency be sure you know where the nearest phone is, the emergency numbers and where the first aid kit is
Following these simple rules should allow you to participate in your chosen hobby without causing harm or injury to others. Remember, you have taken up this hobby for fun and companionship; don’t spoil it by being careless or rude. Most of all enjoy your horseback riding experience.
John helped his daughter with her desire to participate in the sport of horseback riding, and owns a horseback riding web site which helps people learn about horse back riding.

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