Monday, October 5, 2009

Horseback Riding Lessons For the Beginner

There are many things that can make horse riding more fun and relaxing for you. Following are some pointers that will help you learn safe riding skills and be prepared for your first time in the saddle.
- Taking riding lessons from an experienced coach on a quiet horse is the safest way to learn horseback riding.
- Be sure the horse is suitable in demeanor and size for you-your size and horseback riding skills.
- Never stand behind any horse, or straight in front of them, or run up to them - they spook easily.
- Wear appropriate safety gear: boots, heavy denim jeans, and an approved riding helmet.
- Volunteer at a nearby stable if possible. (Most would be thrilled to have a volunteer.) You can get familiar with horses and their body language. They also might let you ride one!
- Make sure you learn about taking care of the horse, grooming them, and also handling their blankets and saddles properly. If you get a chance to feed the horse, it is even better for bonding.
- Be careful to always use calm, reassuring movements around horses so that you don't spook them.
- When riding with a group, ride at the same speed of the least experienced horseback rider.
- Always mount the horse from a block or step that is high enough to keep from straining you and the horse.
- Remember that the reins are the horse's "steering wheel" which means that you are guiding him in the direction you want to go by gently applying pressure on one side or the other.
- While you are new to horseback riding, you will do best to ride in an open area that doesn't have lots of trees and fences. The goal in the beginning is to learn about balance, not avoiding branches.
- Keep your horse under control, and always watch out for anything that might spook him.
- Don't go too fast until you are very comfortable horse riding. Just like anything else, the faster you go, the bigger the crash if there is an accident.
- Always ride with a friend and a cell phone or radio.
- Leave a map of your route and when you'll be back so family will know how to find you if something goes wrong.
Most importantly, enjoy yourself! You will soon fall in love with horses and want to be around one all the time.
After three decades, Jaison Greene has recently mustered up the courage to get back on a horse. This was made possible because he did his homework and rediscovered dos and don'ts while getting the tips to ride ethically and safely, long before he ever got back in the saddle. All from the comfort of his own home! This 9 minute video presentation will show you exactly how to do the same. Trot on over to

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